Parapente en Taganana, Tenerife


The flight area of Taganana, with its take-off in the hamlet of the same name, at an altitude of 410 meters and oriented to the north-northeast, offers you the possibility to enjoy a flight in paragliding two-seater and observe in an exclusive way the perspectives Of the most impressive valley of the massif of Anaga, in which the oldest rock formations of the island appear.

The dynamic ancestry of the Taganana valley will take you to overfly it, from Roque Marrubial on the beach of Afur, to the Roques de Anaga, passing by the Roque de Las Ánimas, and the hamlets of Almáciga, Benijos and El Draguillo, to land in The beach of Almáciga after a flight in two-seater parapente that will offer you a suggestive combination of landscapes of sea and mount.

Paragliding in Taganana, Tenerife