It is very simple, you just have to contact us and we will arrange the appointment for the days that you want, if we see that the weather conditions are good the days you have chosen, we will pick you up at the meeting point and climb the mountain to fly.

Can I choose the flight zone?

Of course! In Tenerife there are several places to practice paragliding. In case you chose a specific area, we would contact you when the area has the appropriate conditions for the flight in Paragliding

Do I have to be in shape to practice Paragliding?

Practically anyone from 11 years and weighing between 30 and 110 kg, is suitable for paragliding in two-seater. It is not necessary to be in a special physical form, however, if you have a disability do not hesitate to contact us.

Is this activity safe?

There is no doubt that the practice of Paragliding can involve certain risks but no more than the activities as common as skating, swimming or other things considered by us to be harmless, we take and guarantee appropriate precautions to minimize possible risks. In enminube we are especially concerned about the safety of our passengers.

(We have liability insurance)

What do I have to bring to do the paragliding activity?

Sports shoes are important but we also recommend long and comfortable pants. Jackets or warm clothing, will be provided by the enminube team.

What is the duration of the flight in Paragliding?

We guarantee more than 25 minutes. The time can vary between 25 and 45 minutes depending on the flight area and the weather conditions of the day.

Can I fly with my family, my friends?

Yes!! We can fly up to 8 two-seater paragliders simultaneously and sharing the flying experience can be very comforting. =)

Can I bring my camera?

After the flight, enminube will send you 10 free on-board photos via e-mail, but if you feel like it, you can take your camera …

Once in the mountains?

Above, in the takeoff area, you will receive information from your instructor about takeoff, flight and landing. Once you understand, your instructor will ask you if you are ready and violà! Enjoy your flight in Parapente. =)

... And after the paragliding flight?

We will return to the meeting point hoping that you have lived one of the best experiences of your life … That would make us very happy. =)

The end =)