Paragliding flight Divulgative …


Enjoy the possibility of flying in Paragliding and also receive information about free flight. With this plan you will get basic notions of meteorology, aerodynamics and everything you need to be able to fly a paraglider safely. Once you have understood the operation, you can fly during the flight, if you wish.

Servicios que incluye este plan:

1. Transportation in Enminube van until takeoff, from meeting place.

2. Tandem paragliding flight with a duration of 30-35 minutes with active piloting

3. Enminube van transport from the landing site to the original meeting place.

4. Photographic report.

5. Civil Liability Insurance.


The price for this plan is 140 euros and you can pay it at the time of booking or once we have finished the activity, with a card or cash.