Tandem Paragliding
Flying in a Tandem Paraglider in Tenerife, Half an hour of walk by the clouds, in which you will discover the sensations of the Free Flight through a Tandem Paraglider. One day, we assure you, it will be unforgettable
Paragliding from the Teide
The Canary Islands have four of Spain's fifteen National Parks, the largest and oldest being Teide National Park. Now you can fly with a Tandem Paraglider from the mountain to the beach.
Paragliding Divulgation
How, where, when and why does a tandem paraglider fly? All these questions will be answered by the Divulgatory Flight
Acrobatic Paragliding
Do you like adrenaline? If the answer is "yes," this is your plan. This is the acrobatic tandem glider.
Gift Voucher
An unforgettable gift. Flying a tandem paraglider can be the best gift.

Flight Zone

The island of Tenerife has the most uneven paragliding areas in Europe, the Valle de La Orotava and the Valle de Güímar.

Types of Flight

Now you can enjoy the paragliding experience in different ways. Do you like adrenaline ? or do you want to know why you fly a paraglider ?

Give Experiences as a Gift

A tandem paragliding flight can be the perfect gift. A gift hard to forget. Buy a Gift Ticket, I'm sure you'll be very excited.

About us

A group of friends who are passionate about free flight and paragliding mainly, who a few years ago decided to teach anyone who wanted the experience of flying


To give you first hand information about tandem paragliding flights in Tenerife


We publish all kinds of information, photographs and video about the world of free flight.


Find in our video channel an easier way to understand the practice of tandem paragliding.

What do you think?

We strive every day to offer you the best and safest tandem paragliding flights, with the aim of making you have an unforgettable day, which is why your opinion is very important to us.

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Very professional, they convey a lot of confidence and security. I would fly with them again without hesitation. Thank you for teaching me this incredible experience.
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100% recommended, wonderful treatment, the way to transmit the information to fly in a very simple way and overflowing with confidence and security...the one I felt while flying. Great. Swinging through the sky, a walk in the clouds.
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A great experience with great professionals who make you feel very good and give you security when you fly. Recommended 100%.
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Professional, super friendly and very prepared. I flew up north and it was amazing. I felt super confident, I would definitely repeat and I encourage you to try it. A pass and a memory for life. Thank you!
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"Must-Do" activity. Totally recommended for anyone who lives on the island or is just visiting. Great experience with a friendly and attentive team that makes you enjoy from the beginning. In my case it was a birthday present but any excuse is good!
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We had a spectacular ride to the heights! Exquisite treatment by the entire team at all times. Always attentive and with a smile :-)! I loved it and I recommend it 100%. Thanks a lot for everything, guys! Hugs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can I do a paragliding flight?

It is very simple, you only have to contact us and we will arrange the appointment for the days you wish, if we see that the weather conditions are good on the days you have chosen, we will pick you up at the meeting point and go up the mountain to fly.

Is this activity safe?

There is no doubt that paragliding can involve certain risks, but no more than the common activities such as skating, swimming or others that we consider harmless on a daily basis, so we take and guarantee the appropriate precautions to minimize possible risks. enminubeWe are especially concerned about the safety of our passengers.

(We have civil liability insurance)

What do I need to bring with me for the paragliding activity?

Sports shoes are important, but we also recommend long, comfortable pants. Jackets or warm clothes will be provided by the team of enminube.

And once on the mountain?

Above, in the take-off area, you will receive information from your instructor about take-off, flight and landing. Once you have understood this, your instructor will ask you if you are ready to rape! To enjoy your paragliding flight. =)

Do I have to be in shape to practice paragliding ?

Practically anyone from 11 years old and weighing between 30 and 110 kg is suitable for tandem paragliding. It is not necessary to be in a special physical shape, however, if you have a disability do not hesitate to consult us.

Can I choose the flight zone?

Of course I do! In Tenerife there are several places where you can practice paragliding. If you choose a certain area, we will contact you when this area has the right conditions for paragliding

Can I fly with my family, girlfriend or friends?

Yes! We can fly up to 8 tandem paragliders at the same time, and sharing the experience of flying can be very comforting. =)

Can I bring my camera?

After the flight, it will send enminubeyou via e-mail 10 on-board pictures for free, but if you want, you can bring your camera...

How long is the paragliding flight ?

We guarantee more than 25 minutes. The time can vary between 25 and 45 minutes depending on the flight zone and the weather conditions of the day.

... And after the paragliding flight ?

We will return to the meeting point hoping that you have lived one of the best experiences of your life... That would make us very happy. =)

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