Tandem paragliding flights in Tenerife

Parapente en el Norte de Tenerife


Tandem Flight


Half an hour walk through the clouds where you will discover the sensations of Free Flight. One day, we assure you, it will be unforgettable …


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Biplaza Teide


Teide Flight


The Canary Islands has four of the fifteen National Parks of Spain, the largest and oldest is the Teide National Park


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enminube parapente divulgativo en Tenerife


Instructional flight …


How ?, Where ?, When? And why does a paraglider fly? All these questions will be answered with the Divulgative Flight …


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Parapente en el Norte


Acrobatic flight


Do you like adrenaline? If the answer is “yes” this is your product. This is the two-seater acrobatic paraglider, a modality in the …


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About us?

A group of professionals passionate about
Paragliding and Free Flight.


They say about us

We strive every day to offer you the best, safe two-seater paragliding flights and with the aim of making you spend an unforgettable day, this is why your opinion for us is very important.


This was a real adventure for me- I remember praying not to die yet once we lifted off but I eventually got into the groove of things. David, my instructor even had us take a selfie with the volcano- and was so calm and non-plussed as if anything could be achieved up there, even making breakfast!
Descending through the clouds was the highest point for me- the Best Best Best!
If only I had known the landing would be that smooth I would’ve relaxed so much more into it. I certainly have to do this at least 3more Times. 1st to enjoy taking off and landing knowing it’s ok, 2nd to try acrobatics and 3rd to feel like a pro!
Thanks Borja, David and the crew. Well done for your commitment to safety and enjoyment !

Jenny H,

For three months I have been watching people with a parachute landing at the beach in Puerto and finally I did it myself – all I can say is that it’s a incredible experience!
The organisation of enminube is very good, I contacted them before via Mail in order to ask some questions and they responded the same day. You can freely choose when you want to fly and if the weather conditions are good, you can do your flight.
They were all very nice and even if I was a bit nervous – I felt great (and extremely safe) during the whole experience, from the time before the start until the moment I went home.
I think it’s the best view you can have, you feel like a bird and we were even flying through the clouds.

Vasilii A.,

I’ve been visiting Tenerife for the first time and was interesting in something extremal. So paragliding was quiet a new, crazy and attractive idea for me. At first I’ve been very worrying before the flight but such a cool team did its best! Actually they were very easy to communicate and very attentive. After start I suddenly left all my problems on the ground. It was so enjoyable to overcome internal fears and to discover the miracle of paragliding and new horizonts of my personality. Wish to repeat this fantastic experience.


These guys embody professionalism while ensuring a great experience. This was my first paraglide and I am so glad I came across Enminube. The location is superb for a long and great flight. Many thanks again!!! Hopefully back for more in the future 🙂


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